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14 August 2009 @ 01:19 am
My Fair Lady Updates; Layout, Happy Together + Episode Preview  
◆ So I've updated the community's layout, hope you guys like it!

◆ And today the cast of the drama was on the variety show, Happy Together in their Summer Special.

Happy Together Highlights:
- The cast dancing at the beginning (Eun Hye's still got the moves!)
- All the females run to Jung Il Woo once the cast enters pushing aside Poor Eun Hye xD
- The cast is really comfortable around each other, especially Yoon Sang Hyun (He seriously seems to be acquainted with all actresses o_o)
- Yoon Sang Hyun is older than Eun Hye by 11 years?! LOL even shocking Eun Hye (She says she didn't know xD;) Both Eun Hye & Moon Chae Won are older than Il Woo.
- Jung Il Woo can somewhat sing? XD His first attempt was rather bad.
- Pretty Moon Chae Won only got a day's rest (day off) after filming for Brilliant Legacy before diving into My Fair Lady T_T
- Reminiscing on the X-Man days, host Yoo Jae Suk tells Eun Hye to look at the camera, then he says "[Kim] Jong Gook are you watching?" xD

◆ A preview to the first episode has been revealed, you can watch it HERE. The drama finally airs next week ♥