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21 August 2009 @ 04:04 pm
First Episode Impressions?  
So for those that have watched it so far what do you think?
Here are a little thoughts & caps ;]

Hye Na is ... Goo Jun Pyo! We're so used to seeing Eun Hye being the innocent girl that this is definitely a change ... Kang Hye Na has a mouth on her and ... is just so bratty. Her theme song fits her perfectly. I love the fact that she can kick ass though 8D

Here was the brief cameo by Song Joong Ki, such a cute guy got fired on the spot T_T

AMEN! ... Sang Hyun is all about money but he's got a conscience? He's just a big dork LOL, I think he was the one we saw most of in this episode o_o

ADORABLE ADORABLE Seok hyeon is totally not their son xD; Did you catch his cute as heck dog? ;;

Oh god, these two at each others throats ... I was surprised how far Hye Na went though, wouldn't it have been damaging to her reputation during the fake kidnapping? >>; Hilarious though 8D

Moon Chae Won is just gorgeous ;;

dgkadgkadn THE THREE MUSKETEERS. I.LOVE.THEM 8D I swear the reason they have so many cuties in the drama is to distract us ... >_>

Fake kidnapping to real kidnapping ... I was surprised that it was Grandfather's decision especially since their previous run-in ... but you just knew it was coming.

It'll be interesting to see Hye Na's character break down and we'll finally see the real Eun Hye shine ... and I want lots of Il Woo please :D At least this is good fun, a change from your everyday depressing dramas.
Felicia Novitafelicia_fei on December 30th, 2009 09:40 am (UTC)
:P Yoon Eun-Hye (I mean Kang Hae Na)is really really fast driver at the 1st episode!
The funniest scene was when Seo Dong Chan Vs. Hae Na in the street! That's Funny lol