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21 August 2009 @ 04:04 pm
First Episode Impressions?  
So for those that have watched it so far what do you think?
Here are a little thoughts & caps ;]

Hye Na is ... Goo Jun Pyo! We're so used to seeing Eun Hye being the innocent girl that this is definitely a change ... Kang Hye Na has a mouth on her and ... is just so bratty. Her theme song fits her perfectly. I love the fact that she can kick ass though 8D

Here was the brief cameo by Song Joong Ki, such a cute guy got fired on the spot T_T

AMEN! ... Sang Hyun is all about money but he's got a conscience? He's just a big dork LOL, I think he was the one we saw most of in this episode o_o

ADORABLE ADORABLE Seok hyeon is totally not their son xD; Did you catch his cute as heck dog? ;;

Oh god, these two at each others throats ... I was surprised how far Hye Na went though, wouldn't it have been damaging to her reputation during the fake kidnapping? >>; Hilarious though 8D

Moon Chae Won is just gorgeous ;;

dgkadgkadn THE THREE MUSKETEERS. I.LOVE.THEM 8D I swear the reason they have so many cuties in the drama is to distract us ... >_>

Fake kidnapping to real kidnapping ... I was surprised that it was Grandfather's decision especially since their previous run-in ... but you just knew it was coming.

It'll be interesting to see Hye Na's character break down and we'll finally see the real Eun Hye shine ... and I want lots of Il Woo please :D At least this is good fun, a change from your everyday depressing dramas.
Aoiare ; Clareaoiare on September 10th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
i really liked how you did the episode one review (more words maybe?)

I never watch the drama because of time, so i really do need someone to review episodes!
i hope you can do more in future <3